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Al Abdallah Q, et al. (2017) A Simple and Universal System for Gene Manipulation in Aspergillus fumigatus: In Vitro-Assembled Cas9-Guide RNA Ribonucleoproteins Coupled with Microhomology Repair Templates. mSphere 2(6)
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A. fumigatus |pksP
Amon J, et al. (2017) A eukaryotic nicotinate-inducible gene cluster: convergent evolution in fungi and bacteria. Open Biol 7(12)
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A. nidulans |AN11188 |AN11189 |AN11196 |AN11197 |AN9177 |AN9178 |gatA |hxA |sC |tC(GCA)5mt
Sun X, et al. (2017) Efficient Coproduction of Mannanase and Cellulase by the Transformation of a Codon-Optimized Endomannanase Gene from Aspergillus niger into Trichoderma reesei. J Agric Food Chem
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A. niger |man5A

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